Pennsylvania is confronting a host of new challenges that are crucial to the Commonwealth’s future. In an effort to address these pressing issues, the Chrostwaite Institute will analyze systemic enhancements in government, pursue collaborative research ventures and provide educational opportunities for decision-makers that may effectively promote local and regional economies throughout Pennsylvania. The Institute’s activities are dedicated to improving areas such as government efficiency, investment in core communities, fiscal stability, transportation, water infrastructure, community and economic development. Pennsylvania must also foster local leadership capacity, promote civic engagement and counter the growing crisis of young talent exiting our Commonwealth in favor of other state economies. All of these issues will have a cumulative effect on the future socio-economic climate in the Keystone State.

The Chrostwaite Institute has launched a five-year, $1 million fundraising campaign to assemble a research and educational endowment fund. As the net assets of this fund grow, training programs for community leaders and cutting-edge research activities will be underwritten by the board of directors. These activities are intended to bolster local leadership and confront the unique challenges of Pennsylvania’s community economic centers.